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Guide To Simple Weddings :: Simple Island Weddings

Simple Island Weddings – Blasting Yet Economical 

One of the most important events in a person's life is getting married. Marriage does not only mean union of two different personalities. It also mean union of two souls, coming from different families. A wedding ceremony involves many things to be done, right from choosing the wedding invitation to arranging the venue, preparing guest list, preparing menu, buying dresses and other accessories and a lot more. Amongst preparing for the oncoming joyous event, a basic thing remains in the minds of the people- and that is the “M” factor. Everybody wants to make the event a memorable one. However, one needs to fit everything according to the budget. For most would-be couples, getting married in the Caribbean has always remained as the first choice. 

The Caribbean Islands with its waterfalls, historical buildings and beautiful churches make the perfect ambience of romance for any couple getting to be married. The weddings become a beautiful mix of love and friendship with surf and sand. An ultimate wedding venue could be the sugar-candy beach where a sumptuous candle-lit dinner of traditional Caribbean food would turn the event into a beautiful dream. Contrary to popular belief that a Caribbean wedding might result in shelling out a lot of money, in reality if the wedding is planned sensibly, then the cost would be much less than that of a traditional one. Some of the most common things that are needed to be considered for planning a wedding are as follows-


l  Wedding Invitations and Guest List 

This is the foremost thing in the marriage procedure. You need to select the right kind of theme and the message on your wedding cards. You need to distribute the cards to all the guests well ahead before the special day, so that everybody can attend the memorable event.


l  Destination and Hotels 

Some of the most common Caribbean islands which are preferred for holding wedding ceremonies are St. Lucia, Jamaica, Aruba and Bahamas. Each island has its own unique appeal. The warm weather is also perfect for a marriage ceremony. One needs to be fully legally prepared with documents like birth certificates, passport or valid ID proof. If any one or both the would-be couples are widow/widower/divorcee, then death certificate of former spouse or final divorce decree also need to be submitted. You can choose a hotel as per the number of your guests. You can make arrangement for the guests to stay in the same hotel or spread out. Sometimes, for group booking the hotels might offer discounts.


l  Wedding Dresses and Accessories 

Every would-be bride wants to look the best and steal the show on the day of her marriage. Selecting the right wedding dresses and accessories is also a vital thing. Along with the perfect gown, one also needs to have complimentary accessories. Hair also needs to be accessorized with pretty clips, fascinators, headbands, birdcage veils and flowers. The dresses and accessories complement the bride and turn her into the glam queen.

All the things mentioned above are essential to make the marriage ceremony a successful one. However, all these things need quite a bit of money. There are many companies who take care of all the things necessary right from designing wedding cards to pre-wedding consultation, marriage officer, decoration and other marriage related things. They offer different types of wedding packages and the prospective bride and groom can choose any package as per their budget. You can also get such companies online. Getting their help can make the wedding planning hassle free and economical. You can leave the whole responsibility into their experienced hands and relax to have a gala time on your marriage day. 

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